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Outplacement UK Consultants Career Counselling Executive Search and Recruitment Consultancies


These are quotes from some of our clients from letters and feedback forms:

Outplacement Testimonials:

'Dear Sylvia
Just a quick note to thank you, Bob and Katherine and the team for all your help in getting me back into the ranks of the gainfully employed. The methodology you have put together is excellent and I was particularly grateful for the moral support you gave me when it was most needed. By the time I was in front of people I was not only organised and prepared, but I also felt good and positive about myself which I'm sure came across in the interviews and contributed significantly to my success. Should you need it, I would happily provide testimonials for the great work you've done with me. Wishing you every success in the future
Kind Regards'
(A letter from a senior executive - Executive Outplacement Programme)

'I found the one-to-one consultancy extremely useful for what transpired to be a mountain of information being passed on.' (Feedback form from senior executive - Executive Outplacement Programme)

'I am actually astonished at the avenues of information and help this consultancy has given me. It has also given me far greater optimism in my search.' (Feedback form from senior executive - Executive Outplacement Programme)

'Very well laid out manual and clearly labelled and referenced. All I am sure going to be invaluable in my search.' (Feedback form from executive - Executive Outplacement Programme)

'The course and consultants provided me with a level on confidence which allows me to target tasks in a structured and well orgainised manner'

'Great reference manual, well presented and clear.'

'Very comprehensive course and manuals. Answers to questions and assistance readily available. Thanks again'

'Great tailoring to my needs, very beneficial.'

'I feel very confident about finding a new role, thank you.'

'I found the whole experience very supportive and it provided me with an excellent platform and the knowledge to approach a job search with confidence.'

'I now have a much stronger and more marketable CV.'

'A most professional approach by both consultants. A pleasure to listen to and sound ideas from people who know their business and can project high levels of confidence to the audience.'

'Excellent Programme.'

'Instructive, enjoyable, practical help and advice'

'Very clear, understandable and relevant'

'Well presented and very useful.'

'Good quality and detailed. A useful summary of techniques and an informative approach to redundancy.'

'I feel confident about finding a new role - thank you.'

Recruitment Testimonials:

'Your service offered substantial support and guidance through a difficult time in our organisation'

'In particular, I was impressed with the way that they listened to my requirements and carefully matched candidates to the key attributes I had identified.

'They worked very much in partnership with me and showed empathy with my situation and pressure on my time - often drafting documents to move things forward swiftly.'

'As for the quality of the candidates, these were of exceptionally high calibre and I found myself spoilt for choice.'

'Helpful advice on the appropriate methods to use as well as how to handle candidates.'

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