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Recruitment Roadmap

A 'roadmap' is your list of criteria that you will use to judge the suitability of any new role. This will vary from individual to individual, and there is no right or wrong to this. Declaring your roadmap will not only help you formalise your thoughts, but will assist us in knowing which roles not to consider talking to you about, and therefore not wasting your time or ours. By doing your ground work you will help us immensely, and show us that you are serious about your future career progression.

Your roadmap should include the following 6 items as a minimum:

1) Ideal roles. Company roles and titles do vary and some individuals have skills that enable them to perform a range of functions. These may also vary according to the size of the company, e.g. a board member of an SME company or Head of a unit in a blue chip etc. Spell out the options that you feel would be suitable for you and it is often helpful to declare the options that are not suitable. Make sure that this aligns with your experience as spelt out on your CV. See CV Guide

2) Ideal company. List specific companies as well as generic types, e.g. start up, SME, International Blue Chip etc. Aim to create a list of 20 or more specific companies that you would like to join (the more the better). Also list any that are not acceptable, as this is equally helpful. Declare if your details have already been sent to any companies.

3) Geographical limitations. Specify acceptable working areas and boundaries. Be specific on geography rather that saying '1 hour travel'. This may also impact on the role and remuneration. Link these together if necessary.

4) Remuneration (current). State your current package in detail. Base, bonus (maximum achievable and actual achieved), car or allowance (allowance is more helpful if this is an available option), share options - detail and estimate value, health cover - does this cover whole family or is it just self?, pension - contributory or non contributory and how much does the company contribute? Is it a final salary scheme or a cash scheme? In short, we are trying to understand the value of your current package.

5) Remuneration required. We need to understand the minimum remuneration that would be acceptable, assuming that the other aspects of the role were appropriate for career progression. It is important to understand that we are not trying to drive down your salary package to a minimum level. To the contrary, we usually negotiate a fair package on your behalf. Therefore, knowing your 'bottom line' will enable us to avoid making you aware of opportunities that fall outside of that limit and wasting your time.

6) Any other points that are important to your decision making process on future role acceptability. This will enable us both to make the right decision and qualify or disqualify opportunities before speaking to you.

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