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Many of our clients have identified staff retention as a problem we still face today. It is also one of the most costly problems. The loss of highly effective members incurs not only the cost in time and money in recruiting a replacement but also the lost revenue, and often lost business, while a replacement is found and brought up to speed. Whilst the recruitment costs are often the first to be considered, analysis shows that with key personnel, this is the least significant cost to the business. Staff retention is by far the most cost effective solution.

More and more companies are realising that in order to be, and remain successful in an ever changing and highly competitive environment, they need to retain their most effective people. We offer a programme of services to enable you to do just that.

The interactive seminar sets the scene and covers the major factors impacting on staff retention. The other services, which can be tailored to meet individual company needs, can assist in the development and implementation of an effective retention strategy.

All key clients enjoy special discounts on these services. We aim to save you the next recruitment fee!

  • Interactive Seminar - Introducing the concepts of retention strategy
  • Independent Internal Staff Survey - Confidential survey, briefing and report
  • Drake P3 Behavioural Profiling - Have you got the right person in the right role? Do you know the management issues in all directions (360 degrees)
  • Guarding your Staff - You can never stop staff leaving but you can reduce some of the risks and temptations

e-mail us for our free 'Top Tips on Hiring & Retaining the Best People' Request to or see the article in our free information section. Top Tips on Hiring and Retaining the Best

Our consultants will be pleased to explain the pros and cons of these and other methods that may be applicable to your needs. Call for a free discussion to explore the options.

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