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Executive Search (i.e. Headhunting) consistently proves to be the most reliable method to surface the best and highest calibre candidates. These tend to be people who are not actively looking for a move. However, when they are approached professionally, they are often willing to consider a career move. We offer both Retained and Contingency search options.

Executive Search can be applied to single or multiple positions over different geographical locations. The process can be fast or staggered on an ongoing basis where a number of positions are required over the year. Our national and international network, with expertise in most disciplines, allows us to create 'virtual teams'. These teams can be quickly built to bring the expertise and experience to fulfill large projects.

Retained Search

This service is used where there is an urgent and/or critical business need. It offers our highest level of commitment at every stage of the process, including:

  • Working in partnership
  • Candidate exclusivity
  • Market and competitor information
  • Full candidate assessment

Contingency Search

This service is used where the need is less urgent or critical to business needs. This also allows candidates to be offered on a speculative basis as the fee is only applicable where a candidate is hired.

Our consultants will be pleased to explain the pros and cons of these and other methods that may be applicable to your needs. Call for a free discussion to explore the options.

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