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'The driving force behind every successful company is its people'

Good recruitment is one of the most important investments your company will ever make. Our tried and tested methodology is second to none in surfacing highly qualified people, who not only have the right fit on industry experience but also have a track record of success. In addition our approach is flexible to meet your needs in the optimum way. We offer a menu of recruitment options; from retained or contingency search assignments to Adsearch - a combination of search and managed advertising which is particularly appropriate for recruitment of multiple positions and fast growth, as well as internet recruitment and selection.

Whichever service is most appropriate to your needs, our approach is proactive and will find the kind of individuals you need to fill strategic positions. Top Sales and Marketing professionals, successful Alliance Managers, highly experienced IT Directors, Technical Architects, Consultants, expert Software Developers etc. Whatever your needs, such key people are rarely actively looking for their next move. The kind of people you want as leaders in your organisation are usually too busy doing to spend their time looking. Our industry knowledge and expertise allows us to swiftly surface these people, awaken their interest, screen them against your requirements and bring them to your door.

For those times when the agency approach is more appropriate, we have strong links with a professional recruitment agency offering a swift and complimentary service to meet all your other staffing needs.

Our consultants will be pleased to explain how these services may benefit your business needs. Please call for a free discussion and comparison of typical applications.


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