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We offer a comprehensive suite of outplacement options that can be mixed and matched to create the appropriate combination to suit your needs. Whilst we show typical example programmes these are all flexible in content, duration and budget. Our consultants are always pleased to explain the flexibility and suggest some combinations that may suit your needs. Contact us for a confidential discussion and advice.

Group Outplacement Programme

Our group outplacement programme is aimed towards groups of individuals who need the core information to equip them with the knowledge of how to approach the job market with the highest probability to obtain a new role. Groups of individuals (small or large) can be accommodated in a single event or on a rolling programme where the delegates are being released over time. See example Group Outplacement Programme

Executive Outplacement Programme

Our executive outplacement programme is primarily designed for middle to senior executives from any industry. It is a highly interactive programme with significant one-to-one mentoring and career counselling with our outplacement consultants. In addition to the initial programme, we provide a comprehensive manual, follow up mentoring, additional advice and assistance with specific applications as well as unlimited helpline assistance. See example Executive Outplacement Programme

Executive Enhanced Outplacement Programme

Our executive enhanced outplacement programme contains al the elements of the executive programme but with additional features. Specifically it includes 6 months personal access the the commercial on-line database to help understand the dynamic job market and uncover unadvertised jobs and opportunities. Additionally it provides a 4 hour one-to-one mentoring review, approximately 6 weeks after the delivery of the main programme. This provides a review of the process and progress to date and reinforces the overall strategy to ensures that the individual is optimising their efforts to maximise their return against effort. See example Executive Enhanced Outplacement Programme

Executive Gold Outplacement Programme

Our executive gold outplacement programme is designed to give maximum consultant support. It has all the content of the executive enhanced programme plus a proactive marketing campaign conducted on your behalf by one of our experienced consultants. See example Executive Gold Outplacement Programme

Combinations of Executive and Group Outplacement

Cost effective combinations of the standard and executive programme can be achieved where the 'executives' receive their core briefing on the general programme and then migrate to a customised 'executive conversion' programme. Please call to discuss how this is achieved. Alternatively see price examples of this option under Group and Integrated Outplacement Programme Prices

Outplacement Consultancy

Add hoc days are available for any aspect of outplacement, this includes:
  • Confidential consultancy on the effects of downsizing and outplacement
  • Initial briefings with staff on the forthcoming downsizing and implications
  • Additional seminars as required
  • Additional surgeries as required

See Consultancy


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