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Group Outplacement Programme Example

Comprehensive outplacement seminars and workshops are conducted by skilled experts at a suitable location (your premises, our premises or another suitable venue). All outplacement programmes are tailored to suit the audiences and numbers. The programme is created from a set of Options. It can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements and nuances of the market sector, geographical location and audience needs. Group outplacement programmes are normally developed to suit the needs and budget restrictions of most Client Companies. The three most effective solutions are the Group Programme, the On-Site Career Centre, and the Integrated Programme. These are all detailed below.

Our outplacement consultants are pleased to give guidance on how best to pick from these to optimise the cost effectiveness and impact of the solution.

Group Outplacement Programmes

For small to medium groups released in a single tranche we recommend the personalised group programme. This high quality cost-effective solution can be provided for a groups of any size. There are seven major elements to the programme which combine to provide a comprehensive and robust solution to prepare your people for a successful career move:

  • A preparatory pack containing general information, self-audit form, starting tips and information.
  • A two-day interactive seminar covering everything from career planning to winning at interview.
  • Our comprehensive manual covering all aspects of career and job-search over 11 modules.
  • Administration pack supplying tracking forms and templates.
  • Three 1:1 confidential consultations (per individual) of approx. 45-50 minutes.
  • Market information appropriate to the sector, geographical area and specialities involved.
  • Follow-on support for a period of 3 full months after delivery of the main programme.

  • Preparatory Pack: The preparatory pack is dispatched usually within one day of your order being placed. This provides introductory information about the programme, together with a self-audit form, draft CV guide, and tips and information for getting started. This allows the individual at risk to focus his/her attention to the task of repositioning him/herself in the market place and also maximizes the effectiveness of the main programme.

    We recommend that the preparatory pack is distributed at least one week before commencement of the main outplacement programme. Most companies like to have this pack available to provide during the consultation period so that they can offer something positive to the recipients of the 'bad news'.

    Seminars: Comprehensive seminars and workshops are conducted by skilled experts, on-site or at a suitable alternative location. All outplacement programmes are tailored to suit the audiences and numbers. Following an in-depth telephone discussion with the HR person assigned to the project, a Senior Consultant develops the programme and becomes your main point of contact with overall responsibility for ensuring the highest quality service is provided. Each programme is tailored to meet the specific requirements and nuances of the market sector, geographical location and audience needs. However, there is a core set of information that is normally included, and options to choose from as outlined below:

    Planning the Campaign - Whether the individual is looking for career development, a change in direction or just another job, good strategic planning is the key to swift success. We look at how to determine and qualify goals and develop a strategy to achieve those goals and track the success
    Developing the Curriculum Vitae - The CV or resume is the candidates 'calling card'. We provide step by step guidance for each individual to develop a well structured CV, appropriate to the position sought, which will maximise their chances of being invited for interview.
    Understanding the Job Market - It is important to understand the status of the job market in your current &/or chosen area. We also cover the unadvertised job market and provide up to date information on the current market status, together with lists of useful contacts, job-boards and agencies.
    Using the Internet and Job-Boards - For many people using the internet and job-boards is a new concept. The recruitment market has changed phenomenally over the last few years as the internet and job boards have developed to become the main media source for new opportunities. Even those who have used the Internet in a previous job search are likely to find that this dynamic new industry has undergone significant change and development since they last explored new opportunities. We assist the delegates by identifying the most appropriate boards and sites, and showing how best to use the various search engines and services available.
    Marketing Yourself - Viewing oneself as a commodity is an alien concept to most people. We show the delegate(s) how to apply the principles of marketing to themselves, and how to conduct a proactive and effective marketing campaign utilising traditional and the most up to date methods.
    Transferable Skills - In a shrinking market it may be necessary to widen the field of options a little. We deal with how and where the delegate(s) can reposition themselves most successfully.
    Organisation and Administration - As roles are identified and applications are made, good administration systems are necessary. Time management appropriate to the task is also covered and forms and templates are provided.
    Interview Technique - Understanding the objectives of the interview and how you can best prepare yourself are both fundamental to success. With different sectors favouring varying formats preparation is further complicated. Confidence is a key issue, but does not comes easily. Good preparation and practice combined with a positive attitude enhance confidence and improve performance. These issues are covered in depth with exercises to assist, and practice to perfect. In addition we cover the second interview, where this is likely to be the norm, including presentations.
    Negotiating the Offer and Preparing for the Role - Success at interview should definitely be celebrated, but there is frequently more to do to ensure success in the new Career. Where the offer is open to negotiation the candidate needs to understand how best to approach such negotiation. Making a success of the new career is also largely in the hands of the candidate - we show them how to start as they wish to progress.
    Opportunities outside the permanent job market - Whilst this may be a preferred option for some, it can also be a useful stopgap for others. We briefly examine the pros and cons and the practicalities. This is frequently covered in greater detail during the confidential consultancy sessions for those who have a particular interest in this area. Aspects covered include starting a business, interim management, consultancy, retirement/semi-retirement, and contract work.
    Dealing with the Stress - Finding oneself redundant is unquestionably a very stressful situation. Our unique approach provides a cognitive appraisal of the mechanisms of stress and practical techniques for overcoming these.

    Manual: Our comprehensive outplacement manual provides in excess of 90 pages of quality information with detailed index for ease of use. All delegates receive a personal copy to take away and use for reference. The information provided is not only relevant to the job search and career development but also, as many delegates have commented, to many other aspects of business & life. This manual provides detailed information, diagrams and revision notes on all of the issues.

    Most people express surprise at the complexity of re-positioning in the employment market. This wealth of new information needs to be taken on-board at time when the individuals' cognitive processes are likely to be impaired. We consider a good quality manual is therefore essential and provide a personal copy for each delegate.

    Administration Pack: The RMS methodology is enormously successful where it is embraced by the job-seeker. Tracking, recording and evaluation are fundamental to the process. The administration pack contains all the tracking forms and templates required throughout the process. Whilst hard copies are provided this is generally also dispatched electronically so that copies can be easily printed as and when required and information can also be recorded and stored electronically.

    Market Information: There are a number of factors to be considered in providing the correct market information for the group and individuals affected. These include location, market sector, and specialities. Our researchers provide current and pertinent information to assist the job-search. This includes organisations & government departments, newspapers and journals, sector specific boards, specialist agencies, company and local information.

    1:1 Confidential Consultations: Every individual is different and a very personalised approach is required to ensure that their specific needs are met. What is discussed in the Consultant surgeries is entirely up to the individual but the most common areas are: CV reviews & tailoring, changing direction, planning reviews, specific market knowledge, business enterprise opportunities, and interview practice. Frequently stress related issues are also brought out. Diminished self-esteem is common amongst people facing redundancy, and personal problems and issues can be compounded by the experience. Whilst all our consultants receive training in this area, Sylvia Crossley, our Principal Consultant for outplacement has wide experience in stress management and has acted as lead trainer to professionals dealing with stress.

    On-going Support: To complete the picture every delegate is provided with remote support as and when needed for a period of 3 full months after the main programme delivery. The support service can be accessed via e-mail or telephone. All inquiries are responded to by the consultant requested or a senior consultant. We do not use unqualified help-line operatives. The support service is frequently used for tailoring the CV to a specific role, late decisions to move sector or role, interview preparation and practice (often against a specific job specification), decision making and a variety of problems and issues. The availability of this support from an experienced consultant provides our individual clients with a high level of comfort and confidence which can greatly enhance their success throughout the process. This period of support can be extended if required.


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