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Group Outplacement and Integrated Programmes Prices

RMS International offer a selection of both Group and Executive Outplacement programmes across the UK to meet the varying needs of Companies undergoing change. The most popular formats for Group programmes, with example prices are shown below. These include the personalised group programme, the on-site career centre, and the integrated group programme.

Group Outplacement Programme:

This programme is recommended for small to medium groups released in a single tranche. There are seven major elements to the programme which combine to provide a comprehensive and robust solution to prepare your people for a successful career move:

A preparatory pack containing general information, self-audit form, starting tips and information.
A two-day interactive seminar covering everything from career planning to winning at interview.
Our comprehensive manual covering all aspects of career and job-search over 11 modules.
Minimum of three 1:1 confidential consultations (per individual) of approximately 30 minutes.
Administration pack supplying tracking forms and templates.
Market information appropriate to the sector, geographical area and specialities involved.
Follow-on support for a period of 3 full months after delivery of the main programme.

View a typical Group Outplacement Programme example.

Pricing Examples: Group of 10 people
20 people
30 people
40 people
50 people


Group Programme with on-site Career Centre:

We recommend this format for medium to large and phased release programmes. Each recipient receives all the seven elements listed above but the two-day interactive seminar is usually broken down into individual seminars of one to three hours offered throughout the release period. In addition our career centre manager will be on site to assist with internet searches, post live jobs, book people in for seminars and consultations, and assist with basic enquiries. See Career Centre for further details.

Pricing Examples: Group of 50 people, plus career centre over 4 weeks
Group of 100 people, plus career centre over 6 weeks
Group of 150 people, plus career centre over 6 weeks
Group of 200 people, plus career centre over 8 weeks

£21,350 (2 seminar sets)
£36,550 (3 seminar sets)
£51,750 (4 seminar sets)
£66,950 (5 seminar sets)


Integrated Group Programme:

Many companies have a mixture of general staff, executives and technical experts affected by the release programme. To allow you to cover this requirement within budget we offer the integrated programme which includes all recipients on the interactive group seminars and also provides the Executives with an enhanced personal service to meet their personal needs. In addition the Executives receive a copy of the Executive Manual, Behavioural Profiling with report and related consultancy, and unlimited follow-on support.

Pricing Examples: Group of 20 people, including 2 Executives
Group of 30 people, including 2 Executives
Group of 40 people, including 4 Executives
Group of 50 people, including 4 Executives


All of the above programmes can be enhanced further with additional services including additional counselling, mentoring, behavioural profiling, personal access to Execubank, a live database assisting structured access to the unadvertised job market and further 1:1 consultancy and/or mentoring. Please note that group access to Execubank is automatically provided with the on-site job-centre option and Behavioural Profiling is automatically included for executives attending an Integrated Programme.

All of these programmes can be tailored both to meet the needs of the individual plus the budget of the client.

All prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate


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