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Outplacement Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs from the recipients:

Q. How can I gain access to the unadvertised job market?
A. Firstly, there is no magic pool of jobs that you can tap into, so be wary of any claims to provide such access. However, there are two major ways in which you can access unadvertised jobs: i) networking or word of mouth and ii) direct marketing. Both of these are covered in some detail in our seminars and manual. In addition we offer access to a commercial database that provides key information that enables recipients to target the companies that are most likely to be receptive to approaches. We also offer an option for us to proactively market individuals to an agreed target audience of companies.

Q. Does Outplacement guarantee finding a new position?
A. No. What it provides is all of the knowledge and toolset and access to information plus a well proven and up to date methodology and support that will substantially increase an individuals probability of success. It covers all aspects from basic CV writing through to finding appropriate sources of opportunities, how to approach them, how to win at interviews and how to optimise your offering against the competition.

Q. How long does it usually take to find a new job?
A. There are a number of variables that will affect this including position, sector & location, but the overriding factor is the effort that the job-seeker puts into the process. Let me give you an example: early in 2002, when the IT sector was in serious decline, we were commissioned by a major US .com group to work with their UK based IT Director for Europe. He enjoyed a salary of £85,000 and, as he was not a specialist, the market for him was extremely poor. However, he followed our process to the letter and, as a result of his diligence, secured a new position with a £15,000 increase in salary within 2 months.

Q. I've heard that most people lie on their CV so surely a little white lie won't matter will it? They can't check everything'.
A. A lie on your CV could ultimately lead to dismissal. Whilst many of the people we have coached through outplacement have been very despondent about developing their CV, I have not yet found one who, with our help and guidance, could not produce a CV that they were happy with, without lying.

FAQs from the clients:

Q. How can I ensure that the consultants do a good job?
A. It is wise to agree quality performance standards with the outplacement consultancy you select. We also monitor our consultants and have evaluation procedures for all the services we provide. Although our complaints procedure has never yet been used, this allows for the individual to change their nominated consultant and/or get a second opinion from another consultant if they so desire.

Q. We would like some advice on alternatives to redundancy, what would you charge for that?
A. Nothing. Our initial advice is free, regardless of whether you are even considering outplacement or not. This allows you a telephone discussion with a senior consultant and any appropriate support material by e-mail. If this is insufficient and you require a consultant to attend your offices, you will incur the current consultancy day rate. However, the fee for up to one day's pre-consultancy will be refunded against the outplacement invoice.

Q. What additional value is there in the manual if they have training, consultancy and follow-on support?
A. People are nearly always surprised by just how much is involved in outplacement. We believe, and the delegates have confirmed, that a good reference manual is essential back up, especially where other factors are likely to impair the cognitive process, which is often the case with those facing redundancy. In addition we have found that this tangible item alongside the consultancy and support produces greater satisfaction of the Client Company's provision.

Q. How do you deal with the adverse reaction to redundancy?
A. We aim to deal with this up front as harbouring anger and resentment has a detrimental effect on the individual's cognitive powers and will therefore decrease the impact of the programme. One of the most sensitive cases we have had recently was a lady who had been on maternity leave for 6 months and discovered that her job was being made redundant just as she was about to return. This was coupled with bereavement through the loss of the baby. The first meeting was with a somewhat dejected individual. However, through employing an empathetic stance appropriate to the individual, we parted company with a very positive person who added the comment 'I feel very confident now about finding a new job…' We also provide a very pragmatic approach to understanding and dealing with stress. This is covered in the manual and, where desired, in the seminars & individual consultancy sessions.


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