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Executive Outplacement Prices

RMS International offer a selection of Executive Outplacement Programmes to meet the varying needs of senior personnel released from Companies undergoing change across the UK. These include the Executive Programme, the Enhanced Executive Programme and the Executive Gold Programme. The brief content and pricing structure is outlined below. Substantial cost savings are available where more than one executive is attending the programme. In addition, for companies who wish to provide a streamlined and cost effective programme across the whole spectrum of staff, an Integrated Programme is available, offering further cost savings- see Group Outplacement Programme

Executive Programme:

This programme is recommended for Managers and Senior Staff to C-level Executives. There are seven major elements to the programme:

A preparatory pack containing general information, self-audit form, starting tips and information.
Three days intensive consultancy & coaching, including CV development and interview practice.
Our comprehensive Executive Manual in high quality folio binder.
Behavioural Profiling, report and related consultancy.
Administration pack supplying tracking forms and templates.
Campaign Management Software.
Market information appropriate to the sector, geographical area and specialities involved.
Unlimited follow-on support until a successful outcome is achieved.

View a typical Executive Outplacement Programme example

Price per person from: £ 3,135

Enhance Executive Programme:

This programme adds two additional enhancements to the Executive programme above giving a total of nine major elements to the programme which combine to provide a comprehensive and robust solution to prepare your people for a successful career move:

As Executive Programme above PLUS:
Six months' on-line access to Execubank assisting structured access to the unadvertised market.
Full four hour review and assessment after 3-6 weeks with proactive mentoring.

View a typical Enhanced Executive Outplacement Programme example.

Price per person from: £ 3,725

Executive Gold Programme:

Some Executives do not have the opportunity or capability to direct their energies to reposition themselves in the market. They may be required to give their full attention to the change management in hand right to the last moment, they may be working outside the UK, or require assistance for some other reason. For these individuals we offer the Executive Gold Programme. In addition to all the elements of the Enhanced Executive Programme above you are assigned a Consultant who is also a trained and experienced head-hunter to assist in your marketing out. Following the development of a marketing plan, drawn up by you with your consultant, professional approaches will be made to appropriate companies and consultancies. Live opportunities are identified and forwarded to you. You select the opportunities and make the applications but your Consultant is available to assist with cover letters, CV tailoring, and every step of the recruitment process. Working in partnership with a very proactive and talented consultant offers the recipient the greatest possible chance of success. Over and beyond the main 1:1 programme, individuals are allocated and extra 40 hours of consultant time and can expect approaches to at least 50 companies or recruitment firms and/or live jobs.

View a typical Executive Gold Outplacement Programme example.

Price per person from: £6,525

Integrated Group Programme:

Many companies have a mixture of general staff, executives and technical experts affected by the release programme. To allow you to cover this requirement within budget we offer the integrated programme which includes all recipients on the interactive group seminars and also provides the Executives with an enhanced personal service to meet their personal needs. In addition the Executives receive a copy of the Executive Manual, Behavioural Profiling with report and related consultancy, and unlimited follow-on support. View a typical Group Outplacement programmeexample.

All of these programmes can be tailored both to meet the needs of the individual plus the budget of the client.

All prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate


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