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Outplacement Executive Enhanced Programme Example

In addition to the benefits of the Executive Outplacement Programme, the Enhanced Executive Outplacement Programme provides personal access to a live commercial database service, providing valuable up to date information on market changes. This database is a valuable tool to assist in accessing the 'unadvertised' job market, sectors and localities. Combined with our methodology for accessing the unadvertised job market, the information provided via this source helps senior executives to market themselves intelligently and effectively. To ensure that the campaign is progressing as planned and, if necessary adjust or amend the strategy, the Enhanced Outplacement Programme also includes a four hour, face to face, review some weeks after the the initial consultancy. As with all our outplacement programmes, our consultants normally provide the programme on site, or at your preferred location, so your people do not have the inconvenience of needing to travel. The Enhanced Executive Outplacement Programme is always tailored to meet the specific circumstances and requirements, but typically covers:

Preparatory Pack: - The preparatory pack is normally dispatched within one day of your order being placed. This provides introductory information about the programme, together with the behavioural profiling survey, a self-audit questionnaire, draft CV guide, plus tips and information for getting started. This allows the individual to immediately focus his/her attention to the task of repositioning themselves in the market place and to maximise the effectiveness of the main programme.

Executive Manual: - Our comprehensive Executive Outplacement manual is presented in a high quality binder and provides 11 modules of quality information with detailed index for ease of use. The information provided is not only relevant to the job search and career development but also, as many delegates have commented, applicable to many other aspects of business & life. This manual provides detailed information and revision notes on all of the issues, plus tracking sheets and diagrams. This is complemented by industry specific and/or person specific relevant information pack.

Strategic Planning: - This includes identification and qualification of key goals and preplanning exercises to provide clarity and maximise the effectiveness of the planning process. Good planning and monitoring is an essential component of the process, and has a significant impact on the candidate's success.

Developing your Curriculum Vitae: - The CV or resume is the candidate's 'calling card'. We provide step-by-step guidance for each individual to develop a well structured CV, appropriate to the position sought, which will maximise their chances of being invited for interview. The finished CV is carefully evaluated by the consultant to ensure high quality and relevance.

Understanding the Job Market: - It is important to understand the status of the job market in your current &/or chosen area. We also cover the unadvertised job market and provide up-to-date information on the current market status, together with lists of useful contacts.

6 Months personal access to ExecuBank: This live commercial, business intelligence database, provides a unique and vital competitive edge to the job seeker by offering access to the 80% of opportunities that never get formally advertised. The service taps directly into the live database compiled by Mandis Information Services. Mandis services are used by; The Sunday Times, BBC, Bank of England and others. The system provides easy access to real time information about dynamic changes in the top 100,000 UK companies. It provides an insight to those companies that are restructuring, involved in mergers & acquisitions, developing internationally, winning large orders, relocating etc. A knowledge of these issues, coupled with the right approach, significantly improves the probability of a positive result to a proactive approach for employment.

Behavioural Profiling: - Behavioural profiling can assist the individual in discovering the kind of role he or she is most suited to. The delegate undertakes a survey of 142 questions. The analysis examines the four major areas of behaviour. It covers both the primary profile, and the environmental adjustment that the individual imposes on his/her tendencies. Each individual receives direct consultation against his/her profile and how this could affect the selection process.

One-to-one in depth consultation providing advice and guidance: - Usually the service is delivered on a one-to-one basis over a period of three and a half days. The initial programme spanning three days, plus a four hour one-to-one review meeting some weeks later(see below). As with the executive outplacement programme, the Enhanced Outplacement Programme can be offered as an Integrated Outplacement Programme. In such cases, significant confidential one-to-one consultation is provided for each executive, in accordance with their needs (generally around 7 hours per person). Delegates also have the advantage of a mentor to work with them throughout their search, to provide advice, information and guidance. CV tailoring, interview preparation, interview practice and interview debrief are very popular and particularly effective at the middle and senior management levels.

Marketing Yourself: - Viewing oneself as a commodity is an alien concept to most people. We show the delegate(s) how to apply the principles of marketing to themselves, and how to conduct a proactive and effective marketing campaign utilising traditional and the most up-to-date methods. This combined with market Intelligence available via ExecuBank gives the executive a vital competitive edge.

Transferable Skills: - In a shrinking market it may be necessary to widen the field of options a little. We deal with how and where the delegate(s) can reposition themselves most successfully. The more senior the position the more difficult this becomes, so close interaction afforded to these delegates is particularly pertinent.

Interview Technique: - Understanding the objectives of the interview and how you can best prepare yourself are both fundamental to success. These issues are covered in depth with exercises to assist, and practice to perfect.

Consultancy, Interim Management and Contract Roles: - Whilst this may be a preferred option for some, it can also be a useful stopgap for others. We examine the pros and cons and the practicalities.

Business Opportunities: - Information on setting up as an independent consultant &/or on starting a business is included, where appropriate.

Dealing with Stress: - Our unique approach provides a cognitive appraisal of the mechanisms of stress and practical techniques for overcoming these.

Follow-on Review Meeting: The value of the follow-on review meeting has been highlighted by our clients and consultants alike. Normally this meeting takes place 4-8 weeks after the initial consultation. An agenda is jointly developed and agreed beforehand. Typically this busy meeting will include such topics as: strategy review, alterations and enhancements to the search, current applications, specific interview practice and new developments.

Unlimited Follow-up Consultation and Mentoring: - The delegate will have access to his/her consultant to provide a follow-on support service, to track progress and provide guidance on specific applications and issues arising. Each delegate can therefore get personal help as and when they need it. Should any issue arise that is not covered in the manual, or the delegate simply wants reassurance or advice, e-mail or telephone contact is available. For the executive programmes, this support service is unlimited in duration.

Optional Components: - Proactive marketing campaign by one of our experienced consultants, additional face-to-face consultancy.


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