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Outplacement consultancy and redundancy support - what does it offer you?

Outplacement, redundancy, downsizing, release management, career management or redundancy management have become a frequent occurrence in modern day business in the UK and the rest of the world. Managing any redundancy situation can be difficult. It impacts not just on the individuals directly affected, but also on the rest of the people in the company.

If redundancy is handled badly, you can risk losing not just the people directly affected but also damage morale and potentially lose other key staff you may wish to retain.

If your outplacement consultancy and redundancy support is handled correctly, it is possible to create an environment where you are still seen to be a good employer. Not only will you give your departing employees the best opportunity and up to date information of how to approach their career transition, but you will be perceived by your remaining people as a caring employer, and therefore less likely to damage your future company progression.

You can manage this situation, and be seen to be a caring employer by providing a comprehensive UK outplacement package. Our outplacement services will help cushion the blow through provision of:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Initial briefings with staff on the forthcoming downsizing and implications
  • Comprehensive outplacement manual for each delegate
  • An effective cushion to the redundancy blow
  • A flexible solution to meet your budget - see Executive Outplacement Prices | Group Outplacement Prices
  • A range of Outplacement Options to meet your needs
  • An effective and cost effective way of turning a PR crisis into a PR opportunity
  • Preparation and assistance for managers effecting cutbacks
  • An opportunity to be, and to be seen to be, a fair and caring employer

Our UK outplacement services offer you a suite of cost-effective options that can be tailored to meet most needs. Our Executive Outplacement services are aimed at the senior to middle managers and offers high interaction with our consultants. Our Enhanced Executive Outplacement programme contains all of the components of the Executive Programme and also includes the additional features of 6 months personal access to a professional, commercial database. This provides routes to the 'hidden or unadvertised job market'. It also provides an additional four hours of follow-up mentoring and strategy review a few weeks after the delivery of the main programme. Our Executive Gold Outplacement programme offers a fully comprehensive outplacement programme as well as a proactive marketing campaign by our experienced consultants. The Group Outplacement or release programme is aimed at providing a very cost effective solution for groups. Group programmes typically are delivered over 2 days of interactive group seminars, followed by short slots of one-to-one consultancy, followed by a minimum of 3 months support. This gives the individuals the necessary tools and knowledge to maximise their ability to find a new career. In addition they are provided with a comprehensive manual and a contact lifeline for subsequent help and guidance. View FAQs, prices and typical programme structures for each of these options from the navigation bar above.

See our free article on 'Outplacement Best Practice'. The 5 Phases of Good Redundancy Management

To understand how we can help at all stages of the outplacement consultancy and redundancy support process, call for a confidential discussion. We will explain where we can help and will tell you if we cannot.

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