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Career Counselling

Many people reach a point in their career where they are looking for the next progression but are unclear on what or where that should be. Career counselling or career coaching is professional advice on how to answer this question and create a strategic plan based on your experience, wants and ability, to achieve your next step. It is common for these questions to be asked for many reasons, such as:

  • You have outgrown your current role but are not sure which way to move next
  • Work life balance is out of acceptable ratios
  • Being under stretched in your current role
  • Wanting to move into an environment that is more of a meritocracy
  • Realisation that your current career is not a long-term goal
  • Developing greater management potential
  • Taking on more responsibility
  • Needing help to understand your motivators and career aspirations
  • Exploring other possibilities
  • Failure to see a career path in your current role
  • Being between roles and not wishing to re-enter a role similar to your last
  • Being within a company but seeking advice on how best to progress your career
  • These examples are common and the role of the career counsellor is to work with you in uncovering what you offer, your needs, what you want, barriers and assistance available to realising your requirements and how you may achieve these needs.

    Our approach: Career counselling is always a tailored consultancy service focused on the individual's need. The broad approach is broken into 4 main areas.

    1) Audit of you. Before setting off in any direction it is paramount to take stock of what you are and what you offer. We achieve this through a series of questions and behavioural profiling tests. This is aimed at establishing your core skills, transferable skills, aptitude, attitude, interests, personality, your preferred working environment, career goals, personal achievements and your personal values.

    2) What you want? What you want is not always obvious. Part of our process is to understand this in a format that can be applied to many roles and industry sectors. We aim to create the ability to recognise appropriate roles to satisfy your needs.

    3) How do you get there? It is important to understand the job market and what is available to help you achieve your objectives. Similarly, it is equally important to understand the barriers to progress. What are your options, how do you find possibilities and what is the best approach to take in pursuing them? Creating a strategic plan and monitoring this is crucial to maximising your chances of success.

    4) How do you maximise your chances of success now that you have landed your next career step.
    Some of this information is within your ability to answer now, but with skillful questioning and the use of appropriate tools, our career counselling consultants will enable you to unlock answers to these key questions as well as give sound advice on the possibilities, and guide you through the tasks that will enable you to reach realistic goals. This is achieved through a series of one-to-one counselling sessions and the appropriate use of formal tools as well as the wealth of experience we offer from years of experience in both outplacement and executive search. How long does it take? As this service is necessarily customised for each individual, this is a variable feast. Typically, a career counselling programme will be completed with a series of one-to-one consulting meetings. These are not continuous, as the individual has to complete a number of tasks before progress can be made to the next stage. The consultant will use these for the basis of discussion at the next meeting and as a key input for helping you create the strategic plan. Some individuals want ongoing support and mentoring and some do not. The choice is yours. How much does it cost? The base programme normally runs across 5 one-to-one meetings. The cost of this starts at £2060 plus VAT. However, as explained this is always tailored and sometimes individuals want additional consultancy on an ad hoc basis after the delivery of the main programme. We can and do accommodate this as required. How do I find out more? The simplest approach is to call and speak to us in confidence on what you wish to achieve. Whilst you may not be too clear on this right now, you will find that our consultants are understanding, receptive to your needs and willing to explain where we can and cannot help. All telephone calls are always treated in total confidence and there is no obligation to proceed if you feel that our service does not suit your needs. Contact details Contact Us


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