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Outplacement UK Consultants Career Counselling coaching Executive Search and Recruitment Consultancies

About Us

Trading since 1996, RMS International provides Recruitment and Management Solutions across the UK. These solutions break into a number of areas, e.g. Outplacement, Career Counselling or Coaching, Recruitment, Training, Consultancy.

Outplacement: Most companies go through phases of increasing and decreasing numbers of staff. When the business need is to lose people, many UK companies want to give their departing employees the best possible chance to cope with this transition, with the end objective of securing an appropriate next step in their career transition. This can be effectively achieved through outplacement and is equally applicable to senior executives on a one to one basis, as to groups at lower levels within the company who find themselves in this position. We work with the client company and offer a very flexible suite of outplacement options that can be tailored to meet most needs.

Career Counselling: Career coaching or counselling is consultancy aimed at helping individuals understand what options are open to them and helping them formulate a strategic plan on how to get there. There are many reasons why individuals seek career coaching at different points throught their career. Our career counselling consultants will be pleased to explain how this service can add value to your next transition. Career Counselling

Recruitment: Our recruitment roots are based firmly in Executive Search (i.e. Headhunting) as this well-honed and proven process continues to prove one of the most reliable techniques to surface the best high quality candidates. However, over the years we have also developed a number of other recruitment options that are complementary and add value to our clients.

Training and Consultancy: We offer a suite of programmes based on the above areas of expertise. Some of these are set training programmes, however, many of our clients wish to have a tailored programme designed for their specific needs. We also offer consultancy based around these areas of knowledge. Training | Consultancy

Our Approach

Our aim with clients is to add value by working with them in a flexible way and offering advice though all stages of the process. This has proven to be successful and is corroborated by the feedback and testimonials from our clients. See Testimonials.


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