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Corporate Outplacement Services:

Outplacement, redundancy management, downsizing or release management have become a frequent occurrence in UK business. Our Corporate Outplacement Services and consultancy offer a suite of cost effective options that can be tailored to meet most needs with full UK coverage. Our Executive Outplacement Services are aimed at middle to senior management and offers high interaction with our outplacement consultants. This is a comprehensive programme that covers all aspects from role identification to winning at interview. All our executive outplacement programmes offer unlimited ongoing support.

Our Enhanced Executive Outplacement programme delivers the same content as the Executive programme together with personal access to an online database to assist in uncovering unadvertised roles plus a four hour one-to-one mentoring review after the main delivery to ensure individuals are optimising their focus and maximising their return.

Our Executive Gold Outplacement programme offers the fully comprehensive enhanced executive outplacement programme plus a proactive marketing campaign by our experienced outplacement consultants. The Group Outplacement Service or release programme is aimed at providing a very cost effective solution for small to large groups. It is supported by our comprehensive manual and follow-on support. This provides the necessary tools, knowledge and support to maximise the probability of successfully establishing a new career. Example programmes and prices are contained within this site. However, please call for a confidential discussion on how these can be tailored and priced to your specific needs. Corporate Outplacement Overview

Free: 'The 5 phases of Good Redundancy Management'. As published in the two centre pages of 'Personnel Today'. It highlights 'Best Practice'. It offers free corporate redundancy advice and ways to minimise redundancy. Redundancy Best Practice

Free: Initial consultancy on 'How to minimise Redundancies.' Call for a confidential discussion and redundancy advice on Corporate Outplacement. Contact Us

Free: 'Top Tips on Hiring and Retaining the Best People'. Top Tips on Hiring & Retaining the Best

Career Counselling:

Most people meet a crossroads in their career at some point. We offer career advice and a range of career counselling options from advice on developing your current position to exploring new career possibilities, including CV help and interview techniques. Call for a free confidential discussion with one of our outplacement consultants. Career Counselling

Behavioural Profiling:

As part of our UK outplacement services, we offer a behavioural tool that can be used for numerous applications; e.g. to profile roles, individuals, teams and interaction between team members. The tool used is applicable both for individuals who wish to understand their strengths for a career change, career guidance and for clients wishing to model the key characteristics of the ideal candidate. Behavioural Profiling


This service is aimed at bridging the gap between your business needs and our expertise. It includes: Executive Coaching; Organisational Development; Career Guidance, Salary Surveys; Interviewing along side your managers; Expert Witness. Corporate Consultancy


We offer a range of training programmes, seminars and workshops. These are all focused on enhancing business success by maximising the potential in your key personnel; your management and your company. Training Options


Our recruitment roots are based within executive search or headhunting. This continues to be the best way to surface high calibre candidates for important positions. We also offer a wide range of options to compliment this approach. Specifically, advertising, adsearch, Job-board recruitment and contingency as well as retained search. Which approach or combinations of approaches is best depends on many issues. We are happy to advise which routes are likely to provide the optimum results based on your business needs. For further information see Recruitment Overview

Outplacement Testimonials:

See what our clients say about our corporate outplacement services and our outplacement consultants. Outplacement Service Testimonials

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